Organic Red Wine Selection case - 6 bottles

6 Bottles of Organic Red wine in a specially selected case.
£71.20 Regular Price £74.25
1 x Emiliana Signos de Origen Syrah 2016   + £17.50
1 x Emiliana Adobe Merlot (Organic) 2020   + £8.95
1 x Waterkloof Circle Of Life Red 2019   + £10.50
1 x Reyneke Organic Shiraz - Cabernet Sauvignon 2019   + £13.50
1 x Artesa Organic Rioja Tinto 2019   + £9.50
1 x Baglio Gibellina U...Passimiento Rosso, Sogno del Sud, Organic 2020   + £11.25

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Organic red wine selection case from Lekker wines
Organic Red Wine Selection case - 6 bottles

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    Producer Lekker Wines Selection Cases
    We know how important responsible wine buying is these days, and with this special wine selection case we have put together a fascinating selection of 6 different grape varieties from around the globe, some of which you may be less familiar with, so that you can keep your wine selection fresh, interesting and almost good for you. Cin Cin!

    Please note the photo may not be accurate, but the list of wines will be what you receive.

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