Now more than ever we need to support the South African Wine industry! Whether you have ever travelled there, have friends and/or family there or just hope to one day go there, South Africa is a wonderfully diverse and interesting country and South African wines are  pretty damn great too. They come from wonderful scenic vineyards and fantastic growing conditions. They also offer excellent value for money, especially if you are lucky enough to taste them at the wineries themselves, but even if not, the exchange rate is almost always incredibly favourable in the UK direction.

Sadly though at present, The South African government continues to ban wine sales within the country affecting not only the livelihoods and viability of the vineyards, but also those who work within the entire industry from farm labourers, retailers, restauranteurs, office workers etc and all their families. The entire industry is in jeopardy!

Wineries are sitting on huge quantities of wine that they can’t sell locally. Imagine, if you will, a lockdown without being able to have a glass of wine grown in your own country! But think though, that by buying wine from South Africa now when they need it most, you could play a small part in the solution (as if you needed an excuse to drink responsibly!)

Browse our fantastic South African wines here, a specially selected range of wines that remind me of home. We're sure you'll find something lekker no matter what your taste or budget! Cheers!