The story behind the label: Teroldego Rotaliano 435HT...

Teroldego is an important indigenous grape from Trentino in the north of Italy. It is a thick skinned grape which produces very deep coloured red wines.

2 friends from Mezzocorona, a town in the province of Trento decided to make this wine from Teroldego, and with the help of a third friend (a winemaker) they started the project to produce this very special wine.

It is called Teroldego Rotaliano because the town is in the heart of the Piana Rotaliana (the flat land of Rotaliana).

435 HT is the number of Hectares planted with Teroldego vines in the town, and H T are also the initials of the two friends (Mattia Hausier and Nicola Toniolli.)

The Yellow and white on the label are the colours of the Town flag and the green is representative of the terroir.

There are 435 little lines on the label, one line for every hectare.

The wine is intensely fruity and the palate is full of fresh red berries. Maturation is in cement vats which protects the fresh fruit flavours of the wine, and the delicate tannins are softened by a short time in large oak casks.

A must try wine especially if you have not sampled the delights of Teroldego before - Cin Cin!