The ultimate Primitivo lovers mixed case with 6 wines to try. An absolute winner!
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1 x Masca Del Tacco Lu Rappaio Primitivo Di Manduria 2020   + £14.95
1 x A Mano, Imprint of Mark Shannon Primitivo Appassito 2019   + £15.15
1 x Varvaglione Papale Primitivo di Manduria 2019   + £14.95
1 x Varvaglione Papale Linea Oro Primitivo di Manduria 2017   + £25.95
1 x Poggio Maru Primitivo 2020   + £12.00
1 x La Masseria Primitivo 2018   + £11.25

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Pimitivo lovers Case from Lekker Wines

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    Producer Lekker Wines Selection Cases

    We love Primitivo! It's just such a Friday night winner, intensely fruity, rich, plenty of body and subtle tannins. It's sure to go down well. The Imprint of Mark Shannon is a particular triumph, made with semi-dried grapes which gives extra richness and concentration, for an unbelievably smooth and opulent drinking experience. Like a baby Amarone!

    This case gives you a taste of our favourite Primitivos which we think you'll love. . All these wines are absolute belters and great for barbecues and pizza or pasta dishes.

    All these wines are available individually too, as we hope that you will find a new favourite wine by trying a special priced mixed case.

    Please note the photo may not be accurate, but the list of wines will be what you receive.

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