Malbec Wine Selection Case - 6 bottles

6 delicious bottles of Malbec, which show how versatile and enjoyable this grape is, and prove just why it is so popular in this country!
£72.06 Regular Price £75.85
1 x Nieto Senetiner Malbec 2021   + £10.40
1 x Molinillo Malbec 2021   + £9.03
1 x Kaiken Ultra Malbec Mendoza 2019   + £15.20
1 x Walter Bressia Sylvestra Malbec 2019   + £12.30
1 x Nieto Don Nicanor Malbec, Mendoza 2020   + £15.15
1 x Pablo Y Walter Malbec 2021   + £9.98

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Mixed Malbec Wine Selection case from Lekker Wines
Malbec Wine Selection Case - 6 bottles

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    Producer Lekker Wines Selection Cases

    Malbec is one of the most popular red grapes at the moment - and for good reason, as it gives us wines that are soft, easy, fruity and reliable. This selection case shows just why we love Malbec so much, but also shows off the variety that this grape is capable of. 6 great Malbecs for any occasion!

    There are 2 different styles from Kaiken: the Clasico is textbook Argentinian Malbec, and the Ultra is aged in oak so has toasty vanilla and intense richness. Nieto Senetinor Malbec is a deep dense blockbuster from 40+ year old vines and the Don Nicanor is a big, classic style of Malbec. Pablo y Walter is fruity and classic. Finally, the Causse du Théron is a hearty French Malbec that's structured, spicy and delicious.

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