Aromatic White Wine Selection Case - 6 Bottles

6 bottles of interesting wines that are on the soft, aromatic end of the spectrum. Still vibrant and refreshing, but with a little more depth and texture. A great case for those wanting to explore what white wine has to offer.
£100.05 Regular Price £102.80
1 x Gašper, Malvazija 2020   + £14.75
1 x Harry Hartman Church Chenin Blanc 2020   + £33.50
1 x Fratelli M/S Chardonnay - Sauvignon Blanc 2017 - Indian Wine   + £14.95
1 x Cave de Turckheim Tradition Gewurztraminer 2019   + £12.95
1 x Château de Campuget Le Campuget Grenache - Viognier 2020   + £8.95
1 x Terre degli Svevi Re Manfredi Basilicata Bianco 2019   + £14.95

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Aromatic White Wine Selection Case from Lekker Wines
Aromatic White Wine Selection Case - 6 Bottles

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    Producer Lekker Wines Selection Cases

    Wine is a spectrum, and we recognise that not everyone likes the zesty tang of Sauvignon Blanc. For those who like their whites with a little more depth, here is a selection of six very interesting whites from around the world. We have chosen the very aromatic Gewurztraminer Tradition from Cave de Turckheim, the zesty and delicious Gasper Malvasija from Slovenia; the fresh and full-bodied Vignamato Versus Incrocio Bruni from this little known grape variety that's a cross between Verdicchio and Sauvignon Blanc; a savoury Albarino from Spain; the beautifully balanced Spice Route Chenin Blanc; and finally, an aromatic blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc made by a Tuscan winemaker in India.

    All these wines are available individually too, as we often hope that you will find a new favourite wine by trying a special priced mixed case.

    Please note, the image may not show the actual wines in the case, please read the description for all the details.

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