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  1. Our Roots in SA

    Our Roots in SA
    Stephen doing some 'research' for Lekker Wines. I feel very lucky to have grown up in the Western Cape of South Africa and to still have my brother living there, especially as he lives and works in the wine lands. We have enjoyed many a wine tasting together and many a bottle under the famous Stellenbosch oaks. He is our...
  2. 435 HT Teroldego

    435 HT Teroldego
    The story behind the label: Teroldego Rotaliano 435HT... Teroldego is an important indigenous grape from Trentino in the north of Italy. It is a thick skinned grape which produces very deep coloured red wines. 2 friends from Mezzocorona, a town in the province of Trento decided to make this wine from Teroldego, and with the help of a third friend...
  3. A nice bottle of Red

    A nice bottle of Red
    One of the first things we try and establish when matching someone with a bottle, is what they normally like to drink, and I can tell you that the most common response by far is: “A nice bottle of red”. Naturally, we think all our reds are nice! But red wine has such a variety of styles, ranging from light...
  4. Mixed Wine Selection Cases

    Mixed Wine Selection Cases
    We have carefully selected a shortlist of great mixed wine cases for your enjoyment. Our choices come from our experience in wine retail where we match style and budget to the occasion at hand. If you don’t see what you like, or you feel like you need a bit of advice, feel free to email us (info@lekkerwines.co.uk) and we will...
  5. Free UK MAINLAND Shipping on orders over £125*

    Free UK MAINLAND Shipping on orders over £125*
    *Free UK Mainland shipping for orders over £125.00 for September! Single bottle shipping nationwide with Royal Mail Second Class for £4.95
  6. Why South African Wines (among others)

    Why South African Wines (among others)
    From our small base close to home in the lovely Yorkshire Dales, I had a dream to showcase South African wine to the UK market because I grew up in Cape Town South Africa, not far from the winelands. I spent much of my student days wine tasting with friends and family and I loved it! You cannot beat a...
  7. Difficult times for the South African Wine Industry

    Difficult times for the South African Wine Industry
    Now more than ever we need to support the South African Wine industry! Whether you have ever travelled there, have friends and/or family there or just hope to one day go there, South Africa is a wonderfully diverse and interesting country and South African wines are  pretty damn great too. They come from wonderful scenic vineyards and fantastic growing conditions...
  8. Lekker Wines

    Lekker Wines
    Why Lekker Wines? "Lekker" is an informal South African word meaning good, pleasant, cool. The Afrikaans word literally translated from Dutch is ‘delicious’. And that was the aim, to source delicious wines to get you ‘lekker’ in the mood for the weekend! We're a small team who do a lot of drinking. Our combined drinking experience definitely makes up for...

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